8 Main Reasons Why A Gay Best Friend Adds More Value To Your Daily Life Than Anybody Else

8 Main Reasons Why A Gay Best Friend Adds More Value To Your Daily Life Than Anybody Else

I am maybe perhaps perhaps not knocking to my woman buddies right right here, nor have always been We looking to generalize all homosexual guys into one category or push them into particular stereotypes, but there is however too much to be stated about having a homosexual guy as your BFF.

My companion and I also have already been super close since we had been 12 yrs old and residing on Maui. Both of us relocated to ny for university and now have lived together from the time.

He is my primary way to obtain support, my stone in this jungle that is concrete.

I’m sure i will rely he knows the same about me on him for anything and. We are like sister and brother, Batman and Robin, Seth Rogen and James Franco. In a nutshell, we are unbreakable, unshakable and remarkable.

I must state that i believe plenty of the thing that makes us such an electrical few (he is obviously my homosexual spouse) would be the fact that he, being a gay guy, stocks numerous great qualities with myself, but from the male viewpoint.

I have stated it prior to and I also’ll state it once more: Gay guys are top. They’ve all of the wherewithal that is emotional of feminine, whilst having similar type of power that people feminists want to attain in the workplace plus in relationships.

They are like women 4.0, and i enjoy them. I am aware it isn’t reasonable to lump all gay males into one (although positively perfect) category,? We just genuinely believe that homosexual males result in the close friends for almost any feminine. Here you will find the eight factors why i enjoy having a homosexual friend that is best:

1. They always give you support

My homosexual companion wishes me personally to end up being the absolute best that I’m able to be. […]