6 reasons why you should Write in your very own Words

6 reasons why you should Write in your very own Words

“Be sure to write it is likely to words,” is a mantra that is repeated by educators after all levels that are academic. All the way to a doctoral thesis for students, the idea of writing in one’s own words is repeated from the first paragraphs written in grade school.

Into the age of the web, almost any bit of idea or knowledge can be obtained, copied and presented in only a matter of minutes. If to be able to get the knowledge is what is most critical, the step that is extra of what others have inked seems superfluous.

So, why do instructors and publications care if something is written in original words, even if the sources are properly cited? While the Internet is an instrument to locate “the right words”, there are numerous reasons to put ideas and thoughts in one’s voice that is own.

Listed here are six reasons it is essential to use one’s words that are own writing.

1. Create and Contribute New Meaning

When copying the expressed words of another person, nothing new is created and absolutely nothing is contributed towards the larger discussion. […]